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La Sociedad Herencia Puertorriqueña se solidariza por este medio con nuestros hermanos y hermanas en la Isla de Puerto Rico, nuestras familias, nuestras amistades y toda la población afectada. 

Aunque lejos físicamente de la Isla seguimos la trayectoria de María segundo a segundo y ahora seguimos el camino arduo de recuperación. 

Somos un pueblo fuerte, positivo, que siempre dice presente y ayuda a sus hermanos necesitados. Estamos alerta ante los pasos de recuperación para extender nuestra mano y ayudar proactivamente.

Les mantendremos informados sobre nuestros próximos pasos. Mientras tanto, cultivemos la paz y la esperanza en nuestros corazones con agradecimiento y mucha fe.

Le agradecemos todo el apoyo que nos han dando.

¡Muchísimas Gracias!


Sociedad Herencia Puertorriqueña (SHP) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization founded in 1984, in San Antonio, with the objective of promoting and maintaining the Puerto Rican culture and traditions alive in the city. The organization also promotes personal and career development through scholarships offered to high school students interested in pursuing a higher education. The SHP is also committed to supporting the community at large by participating in civic endeavors in the city.

In 1988, our now traditional biennial Festival de Puerto Rico was established in commemoration of the discovery of Puerto Rico in 1493. This cultural event is now expected and welcomed as it brings together families from all across Texas in the spirit of celebration showcasing our rich culture, traditional art, food, and music. At times, musicians and artisans come directly from Puerto Rico to share their distinctive talents.

Other cultural events offered by SHP include art exhibits, piano concerts, presentation of folklore dance troupes and concerts with various performers, as well as, distinguished authors that come directly from the island.

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Our Culture

June 20, 2017 |

Scholarship Award Ceremony

Congratulations to these outstanding students on their recent high school graduation! They are the most recent recipients of the scholarships awarded every year by the Puerto Rican Heritage Society. This is possible thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, the support our community shows by participating in our Festival de Puerto Rico in San Antonio, and the generosity of some private donors. For more information about this long standing program go to can also go there if you wish to make a donation to our scholarship fund or support our cultural activities. We wish our Class of 2017 success in their new challenges and a bright future! They make us very proud!

June 20, 2017 |


The Puerto Rican Heritage Society is committed to sharing our culture, building the future through scholarships and serving the community with pride.

August 23, 2016 |

15th Puerto Rican Festival

Puerto Rican Heritage Society Presents 15th Puerto Rican Festival  OCTOBER 23, 2016 San Antonio Shrine Auditorium Noon – 6 PM...

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